Prior Reflections on Election 2012

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” ~President Thomas Jefferson (a moderate Republican by today’s standards)

I’m reminded of this important quote today, as I’ve read some of the comments that have been posted last night and today. People actually, genuinely HATE the President. It’s not a “touchy-feely” kind of hate; it’s a “you’re wrong, we’re right, and if we see you in the street, we’re going to blow your head off!!!” kind of hate. I’ve also noticed this caliber of hate stems from individuals — not all individuals mind you — that claim to be “Christians.” This quite frankly scares the hell out of me.

So please, enlighten me, why?? Has what he’s done over the years, even before he was elected President of the United States, warranted his lynching, or to be called a “dumb ghetto ass”? Shouldn’t some of this “hate” be directed at Congress, and not solely on the President? Do you hate him because of the color of his skin? Seriously?

This, in my opinion, is UN-AMERICAN. I realize that things aren’t perfect in the country, or in the world. I also can’t look around and not be thankful for local, state, AND the federal government for many of the things that I take for granted — including many of the benefits that the military enjoys on a daily basis.

The election is over with. The country has spoken. ALL OF US — including my military brothers and sisters, who swore/affirmed an oath to “obey the orders of the President of the United States (and even state governors that we may/may not always agree with)” — come from unique walks of life and different political/social/demographic spectrums. I am thankful for this, because we can actually work together, compromise, agree-to-disagree, and at the end of the day, shake hands and go out for a drink together.

THIS IS AMERICA. THIS IS AMERICA IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Hate does NOT belong here…. If you think it does, then I’d say go find another corner of the Earth to move to, but honestly, where are you going to go?? 🙂


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