The Boston Marathon Tragedy: Reflections and Rantings on the Past Week

A truly heartfelt THANK YOU and WELL DONE to the numerous local, state, and federal public safety/law enforcement agencies and governments for all they have done, and for what they will now need to accomplish over the next few days, weeks, months, and years.

However (forgive me for the rant)….over the past few days, what’s been more disgusting and horrible than this whole tragedy combined are the soap opera style conspiracy theories that have been surfacing over social media like bad movie scripts that would make even Rush Limbaugh blush. I get it….some people hate the government at all levels….some people really, really, really hate the President and the Governor of MA and the Mayor of Boston….some people thrive on their stereotype and generalization addiction and eagerly look for their next “fix” wherever and whenever possible (those of us from the Caucasian persuasion should probably remember that when we are throwing rocks, our national glass house has plenty of extra closet space…) ….some people truly believe that Boston somehow deserved this because of its location in New England and its more Democratic leanings. Fascinating…tell me more….

Counting to ten, taking a few deep breaths, and getting my blood pressure down…the common sense logical response to the illogical is this: If this whole incident was a grandiose staged movie, just like Newtown was staged and all those little kids and their educators/administrators are on some secret island somewhere, then please, by all means, prove it! While you’re at it, also prove that the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas wasn’t a mass conspiracy planned and carried out by the state government, and better yet, prove to me without a responsible doubt that the Founding Fathers didn’t secretly pay the British to start the Revolutionary War, and that President Lincoln didn’t pay off Jefferson Davis to start the Confederate States of America and the Civil War because, well…he was bored. Do I sound absolutely crazy? Do some of you want to punch me in the face? Good!

Common sense, fundamental SANITY, and basic instinctual human compassion — mixed with a healthy dose of history, psychology, and sociology — tell us that mass tragedy in this country isn’t/shouldn’t be a normal occurrence, and when it happens, it simply cannot be processed, conceived, and perceived as realistic. How can these things possibly happen here?? They can’t, ergo, Perpetrator X, Y, and W did it! I have no proof of this other than my vast imagination being fed by various extremist sources, but what the hell….who else agrees with me? You do?? Awesome, let the games begin!! But, I digress….

Ask the victims of these horrible circumstances, not only here in the United States, but throughout the world as well, if they are all characters on a movie set. That if someone doesn’t see every single personal/private detail on TV/social media outlets, if maybe the media isn’t 100% accurate on every single detail (this is an obvious time/space/life reality for ALL media, not just the “lame stream” variety…), if he/she hasn’t personally experienced what is going on, then c’mon, obviously it’s faked and it never happened…. The worst and ignorant of human nature personified….

Secondly, in regards to the suspects: I understand the human desire, reaction, and action for revenge and anger and justice, and believe me, I can sympathize. However….maybe I am naive….maybe I can’t relate because I am not there physically….maybe I foolishly try to remain compassionate at times when it’s not a social norm to be compassionate….maybe I’m just interested in how criminology and psychology and philosophy and other areas function on the grand scale….maybe I’m just being me….but I’m glad the younger suspect was taken into custody alive. I truly don’t believe that these two individuals woke up one day after spending as much time here as they have, and just decided to do what they did. It doesn’t make sense, and I know there is much, much more to the story. EVERYONE needs to know the who, what, when, where, how, and most importantly, the WHY, of this entire situation for the sake of closure, because it’s crucial overall, and maybe somehow, in a weird way, knowledge accompanies the strength of grieving. As humans, we need to do this. If you set a bag on fire without knowing what the contents of the bag are, you will wonder on some level what was in the bag, and what you burned in the ashes….

Another thing that I’ve noticed about America is, no matter how bad and how dark things get, the “light” in someone, somewhere, somehow always surfaces…in some random thought, word, and/or deed. This is one of the essential secrets for understanding and surviving in this country, and yes, for loving this diverse, crazy, and amazing nation…. We will survive….we will prevail….we will strive to find common sense in the common insensible….