Prior Thoughts on the President in Reference to the 2nd Amendment and Tyranny

Sometimes I really hate to have to state the obvious, but for the sake of common sense, here it goes:

1.) Dislike the President on policy all you want, the man is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW scholar/professor who graduated from Harvard Law School. Anyone that knows the assorted history of Harvard knows that, no, he didn’t just walk up to the Harvard Admissions Office and say, “Hi, I’m black, give me a law degree.” He actually had to work much, much harder to EARN that degree than many of his fellow elitist Caucasian colleagues. There, I said it…..

With that said, I’m willing to bet that the President is pretty familiar with the scope of the 2nd Amendment overall. Gone are the days when everyone in this country was on an equal playing field in terms of weaponry. If certain individuals actually studied what he’s proposing both as Executive Actions and Congressional legislative considerations, they’re pretty routine and common sense. No, the President isn’t King George III, or Adolph Hitler, or Joseph Stalin (I suspect if he was, many people would already be rounded up in concentration camps by now….yeah….good luck convincing the military, especially my beloved Air National Guard, to enforce that one….).

The President isn’t coming for your guns with the black helicopters. He, and many others from ALL political/social persuasions, simply want to limit MILITARY STYLE weaponry and accessories from being on the streets. It’s about damn time… those of us in the military know you only use military style firearms/weaponry for three things: for target practice/to qualify; to blow shit up; and, to kill people….

2.) For everyone saying, “yeah, King Obama, but what about YOUR/YOUR FAMILY’S armed guards huh?? Why do you need them??” Newflash! Presidents/Prime Ministers/global leaders get assassinated. If the Secret Service was allowed to comment on procedure, they would probably tell you how many death threats/assassination plots the President AND the First Family receive on a daily basis. They would probably also comment on the numerous and diverse death threats members of Congress (including the Speaker of the House, and the Majority/Minority Leaders of both chambers), White House senior staff, Cabinet representatives, and state/commonwealth Governors receive as well, hence why they too all have armed security.

3.)  If anyone wants to propose abolishing or modifying the 2nd Amendment, or ANY Amendment for that matter, the Constitution is pretty clear on the steps necessary to accomplish that. One of the steps involves having a majority of the states agreeing to said proposals.

Funny how people that like to bring up the Constitution have probably never even read it….

Seriously folks…. common sense…..